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Mandala + Guide Series  (4.5mm)

The Mandala + Guide yoga mat series has a unique AlignGuide to enable yoga practitioners to be more effective and accurate. They guide users to a more precise yogic posture with their cosmic mandala designs, which channel cosmic energy to practitioners. As you practise, you will slowly achieve inner peace that will relieve you of all your stress, thus allowing the mind and body to be ONE. This series is only available in the 4.5mm version.

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From TANYAMAYA yoga mats

  • Longer & Wider Size

    Longer & Wider Dimension

    The basic principle when selecting a yoga mat is ensuring the length exceeds your height and the width...

  • 100% Natural & Safe

    100% Rubber Natural & Safe

    Produced using 100% natural rubber in accordance to the EU ROHS and EN71-3 standards for green products...

  • Breathing yoga mat

    Breathable Yoga Mat

    To reduce harm to humans & the environment, it apply heat adhesion technology in bonding the two layer of rubber & polyurethane materials.

  • Excellent Grip & Traction

    Excellent Grip & Traction

    One of the most important functions of a yoga mat is to provide good grip and anti-slip capabilities...

  • Certified by SIRIM

    Certified by SIRIM

    TANYAMAYA yoga mats are the only yoga mats in Malaysia certified by SIRIM E1252 standards...

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Working adult yoga

Neck ache, tensed shoulders, muscle strain, headaches, obesity, and other diseases often occur in workers who sit before computer for long periods of time. After work, come and practice yoga! Stretch the body and relieve the stiffness of the body. Keep your mind and body relaxed. 


CATWALK TRADING SDN BHD was founded in 1982 with 35 years of experience in clothing manufacturing. Besides manufacturing fashionable attire, the company also manufactures professional yoga pants and gears. From this, the company perceives that other than the importance of yoga clothing, yoga mats are more essential to the practice of yoga as professional yoga mats help to better the practice to perfection. After much discussion, brainstorming and product trials, TANYAMAYA professional yoga mats were successfully launched two and a half years ago with their unique selling points of being natural, safe and professional, allowing yoga masters to experience a purer and higher level of yoga wholeness.


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Yoga lectures, teach you to experience yoga fun

一Participate in and share yoga

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