6 Key Features

更长更宽 自在伸展

Longer & Wider Dimension

The basic principle when selecting a yoga mat is ensuring the length exceeds your height and the width should not be narrower than the shoulders. TANYAMAYA yoga mats eliminate this concern with its extra large size that is longer and wider than other yoga mats. Thus, it is suitable for all body sizes and allows users to practice freely.

因为天然 所以安全

100% Rubber Natural & Safe

Produced using 100% natural rubber in accordance to the EU ROHS and EN71-3 standards for green products, TANYAMAYA yoga mats are non-toxic and safe to use. Even when there is direct skin contact with the yoga mat during practice, you can feel safe as our yoga mats will not irritate sensitive skin nor harm your health.

独家技术 垫子会呼吸

Breathable Yoga Mat

To reduce harm to humans and the environment, TANYAMAYA yoga mats use chemical-free glue with exclusive thermal bonding plastic technology. This technology makes the mat dry faster while bring more breathable and stable with stronger floor grip even when wet, thereby earning them the reputation of the "breathing yoga mat".


Revolutionary Align Guide

In the Mandala series, TANYAMAYA yoga mats have a revolutionary AlignGuide that can be used to navigate your yoga practice. This system allows you to place hands and feet in an accurate position for perfect execution of each yoga pose, making it highly effective and easy especially for beginners.

越出汗 越防滑

Excellent Grip & Traction

One of the most important functions of a yoga mat is to provide good grip and anti-slip capabilities, even when the floor is wet due to excessive sweating. TANYAMAYA yoga mats have incorporated this as a key feature in their design. We are proud to offer one of the best grips in the market today, allowing you to practice yoga safely.

唯一获SIRIM 验证

Certified by SIRIM

TANYAMAYA yoga mats are the only yoga mats in Malaysia certified by SIRIM E1252 standards. From the raw materials to production and quality management control, our meticulous production process ensures that you experience the full benefits of the products and can practice with confidence. Also certified by General Society of Surveillance (SGS) & TUVRheinland.