A set of restorative Yin Yoga to relax the neck and shoulders

The common wrong posture - hunch back and head forward ( protrude forward) plus the wrong way of breathing will lead to the compression on the cervical, compression on the spine and stiffness of the Psoas muscles. If these prolong to an extended period, one will becoming less flexible, prone to injuries and suffering from anxiety 

A lot of people would say : I am already so tired after work, I would be exhausted if you still need to go to yoga practice. So today we are Introducing Yin Yoga that suits this group of people, especially for beginners and senior folks

1. Toe stretch

-Bring both legs together, knee touching each other 
-Toe pressed on the ground, knees on the floor 
-Try to press all 10 toes on the ground, but no forcing 
-Remain in this pose for 1 minute 
-If too much stretch with knees down, try to stand up and stretch on the edge of a yoga brick
-Hold for 1 minute, change side and repeat 

2.  Supported Bridge Pose

-Place a yoga brick on the mat, horizontal at  medium height
-Lie down and have the brick right below the pelvis, not lower back (lumbar area ) 
-Both legs straight or bend 
-Remain here for 4 minutes

3. Spinal relaxant 

-Lie down facing up, extend your hands to the side 
-Spread your legs wider than the hip width,  sole stepping on the ground
-Exhale and bring both knees to the right side 
-Hold here for 4 minutes then change side 

4. Dragonfly ( side stretch and fold forward )

-Sit with leg extends to the side.
-If needed, sit on a  folded towel 
-Relax the muscles, the only movement here is stretching 
-Place a yoga brick by the left knee close to the inside of the knee.  Interlaced your hand and place behind  of your head, now stretch to the left and let your left elbow touches the brick.
-Stay here for 4 minutes then change side 
-Palms together, extend your hands forward and place your elbows on the floor 
-Spine remain lengthen and stay in this pose for 4 minutes, switch side 

5. Supported bridge 

-Lie down and place a yoga brick at medium height, below your shoulder blades.
-Place a brick at it highest side below the back of the head 
-Stay here for 3 minutes
-Then, change both brick at a lower level
-Stay here for 3 minutes 

6. Head supported Corpse pose 

-Lie down and place a yoga brick at medium height  behind your head 
-Extend the hands slightly away from the hip, palms facing up, legs together 
-Remain in this position for 3 minutes 
-Replace the yoga brick with a towel if feeling uncomfortable 

7. Corpse Pose

-Place a towel below the head and a pillow under the knees 
-Stay here for 6 minutes

We suggest to practice yoga either right after you get up or at night. The body is slightly stiff in the morning, the muscles are not activated yet. When we practice Yin Yoga, the connective tissues are stretched, not the muscles. If practice at night, it is restorative, helps.