Yoga for a healthy body and skin

Yoga that balanced endocrine system, improve meridian circulation and promote beautiful skin!

A healthy body is about maintaining the balance of endocrine system (hormonal system) and nervous system  which plays an important role in our metabolism and physiological system 
The endocrine system is important for  our metabolic, growth , birth and aging process.

When the endocrine system is out of balance, there will be a lot of signals shown in our body especially for female, where the symptoms is more prominent on the skin. Therefore maintaining the balance of our endocrine system is very important especially to the ladies. What to do? Practise Yin Yoga

Those who have been practicing Yin Yoga will know it is a very unique type of yoga. The practice is about balancing inside and outside, yin and yang adopting the essence of Chinese Traditional Meridian  system and Tao’s way of living。

Yin Yoga focusing on relaxing the whole body, removing thoughts with the combination of natural breathing. Holding on to the poses at a longer time, strengthening the muscles, ligaments, tendons, balancing the nervous system and improving the endurance in a relaxing way. Achieving the state of union of our body and mind.    

While practicing Yin Yoga, we will have amber time to feel and be aware of the slight changes of our body and feel the energy we derive from extended breath. All these helps to balance our endocrine system. 

Today we are sharing some Yin Yoga postures sequence that helps to improve metabolism, regulate endocrine system, easing up your tensed body, release tension and improve sleeping quality. Feel the power of Yin Yoga!

1. Leg up the wall pose
Lie down, facing up and close to the wall, extend your legs up on the wall, either keeping the legs together or slightly open to hip width apart.
Place your hands on the side of your body and hold here for 3-5 minutes

2. Leg up the wall with legs apart 
From the previous position, slowly extend your left leg to the side and let it rest on the mat
Stay here for 3-5 minutes then switch side 

3. Supine wide angle pose by the wall
From leg up the wall pose, slowly spread your legs to both sides as much as possible.
Place your hands on the side of your body and hold here for 3-5 minutes

4. Supine bound angle pose by the wall
From leg up the wall pose, slowly bend both knees and let the soles touch
Try to keep the knees as close as possible to the wall 
Place your hands on the side of your body and hold here for 3-5 minutes

5. Supine threading the needle pose by the wall 
From leg up the wall pose, bend your knees and step on the wall, bring both legs closer to the abdomen.
Place the right leg on top on the leg thigh, hold for 3-5 minutes then switch side 

6. Supine spinal twist pose by the wall
From leg up the wall pose, bend both knees and closer to the abdomen
Twist the body to the left while extend the hand to the side parallel with shoulders. Shoulders remain on the floor .
Both soles touching the wall, hold for 3-5 minutes, then switch side 

7. Hero pose by the wall
Kneel down facing the wall. Legs apart and knees slightly wider than the hip width 
Lean the body forward, lengthen the spine, push your hands on the wall. Hold here for 3-5 minutes

8. Corpse pose
Lie down facing up, place both hands on the side of the body, legs apart, slightly wider than hip width. 
Relax the whole body, close your eyes and stay for 5-8 minutes

Yin Yoga is suitable for most people, especially when one is physically and mentally tired. It can be a practice before bed, training your endurance that build a good foundation for meditation. 

Please be advised that this practice has to be consistent as regulating endocrine system is an internal work. There is no shortcut, consistency is the key to success.