YG410 TM Inverted Mat (4.5mm x 61cm x 61cm)

YG410 TM Inverted Mat (4.5mm x 61cm x 61cm)

Item code: YG410  

If you are an advanced Yoga practitioner, there are often inverted postures to be done. Hence, this is a must-buy yoga mat. This mat size (61cm x 61cm) is more suitable for a variety of inverted postures (shoulder stand, plow and etc.) use. It protects and stabilizes the vertebrae and hands with its absolute slip-resistant feature. During practice, be assured that although your face and head are close to the mat, it is safe because it is made of natural rubber with no unpleasant odor or harmful materials which make it more environmentally safe.

Size : 61cm x 61cm 

Weight : Mat + Packing (0.7 kg) = 1.6kg

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