Yogic Diet

Is coffee prohibited in Yogic diet?

A serious yoga practitioner should follow the yogic diet as it encourages a higher quality of practice, peace, love and spiritual awareness. Since the basis of practice follows the attitude of Ahimsa (non-violence), a vegetarian diet, which excludes garlic, onion, and eggs, is considered ideal.

Yogic diet consist of:

  • Fresh food
  • Daily product
  • Nuts and grains
  • Natural fat and glucose
  • Gentle spices
  • Plant based oil
  • Chemical and stimulant-free food

Food to avoid/prohibited:

  • Meat, fish
  • Stimulant food like alcohol, garlic, onion and tobacco
  • Processed food
  • Refined sugar and flour
  • Reheated food

As we can see, coffee is not mentioned in the list. So can we take coffee and still be considered as following the yogic diet? Some disagreed as coffee falls under the “stimulant” category.

Studies found that coffee (in moderation) can actually help in preventing Alzheimer or any mental related disease. Master B.K.S Iyengar drank coffee once a day.

To answer this question:
Yes, but in moderation. Perhaps on the day when one is preparing for a meditation practice, coffee should be avoided.
Keep Calm and Coffee On!