Yoga Class Etiquettes

You just signed up for a yoga class. How exciting!  Ever wonder what are the do's and don'ts?

  1. Be punctual. It is rude to be late for a class and you don’t feel good with the staring when you walk into the class full of students, right? 
  2. Turn off your cell phone or set it in the silent mood then put it away. Not next to your mat. Yoga is about concentration and detachment. How 'concentrate' can you be when your phone keeps ringing or when messages keep coming in while you are standing on one foot?  
  3. Respect personal space. For some serious practitioner, their yoga mat is a sacred place, like a temple. They will feel invaded or disrespected when you step on their mat.
  4. Listen to the instructions carefully in order to avoid unnecessary injuries. Do not rush into “performing” a pose. Follow the guidance step by step.
  5. Forget about the mirror or your fellow practitioners. Yoga is about learning yourself and focus on yourself; not others. Try to train your concentration instead of being distracted by your surrounding.
  6. Do not leave early, do not skip the deep relaxation part. Same as being late for the class, it is not very respectful when you leave the class early. Plus, the deep relaxation part is very important to post-asana practice; it's the time to restore, reconnect and rejuvenate oneself.
  7. Listen to your body - if you can’t do a certain pose or you are tired, it is okay to take a rest.
  8. Do not try to impress others. You are there for yourself and no others. Only impress yourself!
  9. It's ok to fall asleep in shavasan (the deep relaxation part).