Working adult yoga

6 yoga poses suitable for sedentary office workers!

Neck ache, tensed shoulders, muscle strain, headaches, obesity, and other diseases often occur in workers who sit before computer for long periods of time.

After work, come and practice yoga! Stretch the body and relieve the stiffness of the body. Keep your mind and body relaxed. Following these few yoga poses is not so difficult. Even beginners with no yoga background can do these. The more you practice, the better you become.

  1. Downward-facing dog pose
    Practice: Lie down on the mat, chest downwards with fingers at the sides pointing to the head. Exhale and lift the body with arms straight and back straight. Straighten the legs and not bent with heels down to touch the mat. For those who have just started practicing, it is fine if the heels cannot touch the mat. Try to make sure the downward pressure. After a period of practice, you can do this. Results: Increase the strength of ankles; make legs more symmetrical; eradicate stiffness at shoulders; ease inflammation of the shoulder joints.

  2. Mountain pose
    Practice: Stand with your feet together with the heels and toes touching, and spread all your toes. Straighten your knees and contract buttocks. Even out the body weight to both feet. Clasp both hands overhead together with your upper body weight leaning slightly backwards. Instead of placing your hands over the head, in this pose you can also place your hands on the thighs on both sides. However for working adults, hands over your head lead to better results.
    Results: Beneficial to blood circulation; correct the spine posture; strengthen and lift hips muscle.

  3. Simple fish pose
    Practice: Push the elbows down, open the armpits and spread the chest open. Let the head press the bottom. Tuck in the stomach and ribs, push the feet forward. The back faces up but not too much force or it would hurt the neck. This pose is one of the primary backbends.
    Role: Stretch the cervical spine, eliminate neck strain, and cervical disease. Strengthen the function of thyroid gland and tonsils; help to treat anxiety and insomnia, enhance memory, and cure mild colds. Expand the chest, enhance lung function, and indirectly strengthen the back muscles, back and kidney, and energize the entire body.

  4. Standing forward pose
    Practice: Standing with feet and hip parallel. Slowly stretch your torso forward. To reduce back pressure, bend knees slightly. Touch the floor or grab your ankles and stretch and lengthen your whole body.
    Result: Reduce tension slowly. With the arms, the bend relaxes and opens the shoulders. For people who sit all day in the office, this pose can help blood circulation to the brain while stretching your legs.

  5. Cat cow pose
    Practice: Kneel on the ground with both hands on the floor, feet and knees shoulder-width apart, eyes looking at the ground. Breathe in and tighten stomach like yawning while ribs remain tensed like a cat. Exhale and arch back; lift the chest, like an ox. Repeat three to five times and pay attention to the breath.
    Result: At the office people always lean forward. This position goes against the flow, and helps restore the spine to the central position. This cat cow pose helps relieve headaches, and expand the back while stretching the spine.

  6. Baby pose
    Practice: Kneel with hips on the heels. Toes touch with knees slightly apart. Pull the chest to thighs until the forehead touches the floor. Extend the hands forward, or stretch them to both sides. Take a deep breath, and hold the position as long as you wish.
    Result: For nervous people, this pose lets you relax, and soothe the spirit. It is the foundation of many yoga classes at rest position.