Transform Yourself

I am fat. I can’t do yoga.
I am big and heavy. I can’t do yoga

These are the perception from ladies, especially for the plus size as they are very conscious about their look and weight.

Can you breathe?
Can you bend?
Can you hold your hands up while standing?

If the answers are all YES, you are doing yoga!

No doubt, doing yoga regularly will tone your body. But yoga is not about being bendy, flexible and slim. Yoga is about the acceptance of yourself, your body and skin. Be happy with who you are. Slowly, with the movement and together with the breathing, one’s blood, heat, air, chi/energy/prana and fluid circulation are improved. When all circulation became improved, deposited sugar, fat or other impurities will be removed.

The breathing techniques, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation help to ease the mind, reduce stress and find peace. Do you know that lower stress makes controlling glucose level easier? It will be a great help for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

So, ladies, it is not about how fat, heavy or large you are. Simply, are you ready to transform and accept who you are?