Kids Yoga or Family Yoga?

There are two types of yoga; both involve kids. So, how do we know which is suitable? Below are some guidelines to make it easier to choose.

Kids Yoga

  • Class cater to kids only. Range from 4 years old to 12 years old.
  • Parents are not allowed to be in the class. Without the presence of parents, kids learn to be independent such as working on their own, be it a posture or part of the game.
  • Improves concentration. Without the distraction of parents (kids tend to be reliant on their parents), it is easier to focus on the class - postures, breathing or meditation.
  • Increases self-confidence. When a kid is able to do specific postures, a sense of achievement is a boost to self-confidence.

Family Yoga

  • Class involved parents and kids. No age limit.
  • Great bonding and fun activity for the family, thus, promotes harmony relationships among the members.
  • Family members learn about each others’ strengths and shortcomings and learn to accept each other.
  • Helps to create a common subject in the family.
  • Kids’ self-confidence increase when they proved to their parents what they can do.

It very much depends on what you really want. Better yet, just get involved in these two classes!