General Misconceptions About Yoga

It is just an Exercise

No doubt when we practice asana/postures, it looks like a gymnastic kind of exercise or Pilate stretch. The difference is in the breathing technique (the transition into, holding on or going out of the asana) according to how our abdomen compresses or how much “energy” is needed to lift our body parts!

For Women only
When yoga is mentioned, most Asian men think it is a girlie stuff and is only for girls because most commercial tend to focus on women yoga practitioner. The fact is yoga was created by man for man. A lot of asana are very physical based, thus, posing a challenge to the women due to the way their body is built.

Need to be Flexible and Fit
Do you know how to swim before you sign up for a swimming class? Yoga is for everyone, any type of body and any age. Yoga will make you flexible over time. Personally, I think being flexible is not really that important. Yoga is about overall health – physically, mentally and emotionally. It is also about stress relieve and inner peace. In America, there are a lot of Plus size yoga for large people. And the oldest yoga teacher is 98 this year. Doing yoga doesn't mean you have to stand on your head and twist like a pretzel. If you are practicing kindness, you are practicing yoga; if you are practicing detox, you are practicing yoga.

It is for Rich People
This is most probably due to the overrated commercial of yoga products. A branded yoga legging can cost up to RM450 and a branded yoga mat can cost up to RM750. Plus, celebrities who do yoga might accidentally contribute to the misconception. If a yoga teacher wears a RM20 yoga pants - does this make him/her a bad teacher? Yoga is not about how good you look; it’s about how good you feel. In the end, yoga is about detachment and finding your inner peace & your true self.