Why there is always a twisting pose in the class?


Those who are regular yoga practitioners will notice there is always some poses that require twisting.

Twisting poses are one of the essential poses in the asana practice, it reaches the core and helps release tension and worries. Most female students are in love with the twisting poses. It helps to preserve the spinal health, massages internal organs, reduces fat around the waist, improves blood circulation and removes the toxin.

Here are the 6 benefits

1. Lengthening and strengthening the spine

From the lengthening and twisting, it helps to correct your body posture. Increases the space in between the vertebral, muscles attached to it will become supple and strong. Improves the flexibility of your spine.

2. Remove toxin

When we twist our upper body, the internal organs around the abdominal region would be compressed and massage: our stomach, liver, colon, gallbladder, and spleen are all involved.

When we twist, there is no blood supply to the digestive system however when we come out from the twist, the blood that is held up will have a quick release carrying a stronger force that would flush away the toxin.

3. Improve digestive system

Due to the removal of toxin, fresh new blood and oxygen come into the digestive system. Our body would absorb more nutrients.

4. Body becoming lighter

When the space in between the vertebra increases, we can open up the chest region and improve lung capacity. The side twisting poses helps to open up the ribcage and it is easier for deep breathing.

5. Deep breathing

When we are practicing asana (postures), we are required to breathe. When we twist, side twist or forward band, we are synchronizing the breath and the movements. We inhale when we lengthen and exhale when we need to go deeper into the pose.

6. New angle

We need to twist both sides so that we get the balance. When we twist, we will have a 360-degree angle. When we twist to the back, we could reflect the past and when we come back to the front, it represents future.