Why Strength Yoga is recommended for ladies

When it comes to choosing the type of yoga classes, most ladies are resisting picking Strength Yoga. Most of them think that they are there for some stretching, not to lose weight. Some are even afraid of growing big muscles if they pick Strength Yoga. These are all misconceptions. As long as you are a yoga lover with some basic, better yet have been practicing for 1-3 months, you can attempt Strength Yoga.

The benefits for practicing Strength Yoga for ladies

1. Improve metabolism

Strength training will increase muscle content and improve metabolism. The effect of strength training last much longer as compared to other fitness training. Moreover, strength training helps to tone your body accordingly, gives you a nice curve.

2. Improve immune system and anti-aging

Glutamine are the major component in human skeletal muscles that contain a lot of enzymes, responsible for metabolism. It plays an important role in maintaining our immune system.

3. Improve bone density

While doing strength training, it stimulates our bones to improve stress and resistant ability. Besides, it promotes calcium absorption, increase density and hardness of the bones. Preventing premature Osteoporosis and bone fractured.

4. Improve the muscles elasticity

Through repeated strength training, it helps to increase the elasticity of the muscles and make the joints stronger.

5. Increase self-confidence

A confident woman is beautiful. When our toned body is showered in sweat through our hard work, it gives us a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Makes us feel good, building up more self- confidence.

6. Increase psychological tolerance

Strength training requires a great deal of courage to face the challenges. While toning the body it also strengthens the inside - the psychological side of us

Will strength training make us masculine?

Some ladies are worried that they will become masculine if they practice strength training. Need not worry!

Firstly, female has lower Testosterone compared to male; hence it will not give you big muscles like a male.

Secondly, female strength training is limited to female’s capacity and the methods are different. Female cannot grow muscles like male Lastly, those bodybuilder athletes need a lot of proteins as their main “ingredient “in order to build muscles. Usually female intake of protein is lower than male. Hence they cannot build big muscles.

Strength yoga incorporates asana and deep breathing. Synchronizing both creating a smooth flow. Stressing on the combination of strength and flexibility. Making the practitioner to have a flexible yet toned body, at the same time improving the circulation of heart and lungs. Increasing metabolism.

Here are some tips. Suggest to start with Sun Salutation as a warm up. Pickyour favorite version and repeat 3-5 times

01丨Downward Facing Dog Abdominal Crunch

Improve metabolism

a) Toned glute and core muscles
b) Stretch hamstrings and calves
Step 1:From downward facing dog, inhale, extend the right leg up to the back
Step 2:Exhale; bring the right knee towards to right upper arm. Shoulder stack on top of your wrist
Step 3:Inhale, back to one legged-downward facing dog. Repeat 10 times, switch side.

02丨Reverse Warrior and Extended Side Angle


a) Toned glutes, thighs and core muscles
b) Stretch the side of your body
Step 1:From downward facing dog, left leg forward and bend your knee, right leg heel press down on the mat
Step 2:Inhale, straighten the body, bring your right hand to the side of your right calf, extend your left hand towards to the sky
Step 3:Exhale, bend your body down, left hand place on the floor, next to the inner side of your left foot, extend your right hand up
Step 4:Inhale and back to Reverse Warrior. Repeat 10 times then switch side

03丨Warrior I and Humble Warrior


a) Toned glutes, thighs and core muscles
a) Stretch shoulders and lower back
Step 1:From downward facing dog, left leg forward and bend your knee, Inhale hand up to Warrior I
Step 2:Inhale,interlaced your hand at the back
Step 3:Inhale extend your chest; exhale bend forward and the same time raising your hands up
Step 4:Inhale straighten the body, exhale bend forward and down
Step 5:Hold for 10 times then switch side.

04丨High Plank and Four Limbs Staff pose


Toned core, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps
Step 1:From downward facing dog, Inhale and extend your shoulders to the front becoming a high plank pose
Step 2:Exhale, bend your elbows and tuck to the body, push your shoulder forward
Step 3:Shoulder aligned with elbow, crown of the head forward and heels at the back
Step 4:Inhale back to plank, repeat 10 times

05丨Warrior III Abdominal Crunch


Toned glutes, thighs and core muscles
Stretch hamstring Step 1:Standing up, feet together, inhale raise your right leg with knee bend
Step 2:Exhale, fold forward, hands cross in front of your body, right heel reaching towards to right side of your buttock
Step 3:Inhale, right leg extends to the back, straighten the left leg, extends both hands to the side
Step 4:Repeatt 10 times

06丨Goddess Pose


Toned glutes, thighs and lower back
Stretch upper back and shoulders
Step 1:Spred your leg about the same length of your leg, toes pointing outward
Step 2:Inhale, interlaced your hand and stretch up. Exhale squad, bring your buttock down and reach the level of your knees
Step 3:Inhale straighten the legs, exhale bend. Repeat 10 times

07丨Single Leg Bridge


Toned glutes and thighs Stretch shoulders and chest Step 1:Lie down with knees bend. Feet on the ground and knees right above the ankle.
Step 2:Use the strength of your abdominal, lift up the abdominal, interlaced your hand at the bottom
Step 3:Stay here for 5 breaths, inhale lift your right leg and stay here for 5 breaths
Step 4:Exhale back to bridge pose, inhale lift the left leg up, stay here for 5 breathes