Why is it essential to practice yoga for new moms?

After 9 months of pregnancy and with all kinds of hardship, finally you have delivered. But what is right in front? Endless taking care of the crying baby, unable to wear pretty dresses due to the changed of body shapes, is like an unrealistic and unattainable goal.

The first year right after you delivered a baby is the dangerous period for marriage. Because the changes of getting frigidity is higher after a woman gives birth. After delivery, the libido is low hence you will have very low sex drive, plus the vaginal wall tissue tends to becomes less elastic or loose that is affecting the quality of marriage life.

Left side is the kid, right side is the husband, one side was the beautiful, curvy sexy self and on the other side is the blown up body, plain-Jane mommy. Under the cloud of postpartum depression it will make you wonder if you have made a good choice….

By right, a new mom shouldn’t have only paid attention of taking care of the baby and making sure the husband is happy. The most important thing is being nice to yourself!

Why new moms needs to practice yoga ?

1. Restore joint health

The weight of the baby will cause the Lumbar lordosis, pelvis-tilting forward and also gives you diastasis recti abdominis. All these are transformation from a hot chick to big mama. Plus the pubic bones are slightly apart results in the shape of pelvis changed, Hip joints moved slightly that makes up the “big bump”, voila “big mama”! This is the reasons most new moms couldn't return to her nice figure as they are young.

2. Improve on imbalance muscles

Most imbalance muscles due to changes in spine, pelvis, hip joint and the collapse of pelvis. Yoga helps to improve the imbalance muscles and toning the muscle. Restoring to your shapes before delivery.

3. To realign the uterus

After delivery, your uterus would be misaligned or even prolapse. This is quite common to those new mommies who are not really exercising or generally weak body. That is why yoga is important to restore the function of uterus, realign to the right position and contract back to it normal size as before giving birth

4. Restore sexual function

Due to the psychological way of women’s body, most new mommies will experience dryness in the vagina and will have different stage of pain when having intercourse during the puerperal period.

Some are even afraid of tearing in the wound. Emotional stress will cause tightness along the vagina muscles that would be affecting the activity. Practicing yoga helps to contract and restore the elasticity of the vagina and birth canal thus to restore the harmonious relationship with the husband.

5. Return to the body shape you had before giving birth

Just imagine your big loose belly, bulky legs, big bumps and flabby arms you had after giving birth - all these are gone. How excited and happy you would be? Yoga helps to remove toxin and at the same time toning your muscles, giving you back your tiny waist. Be a confident and a sexy mom again!