Yoga is the best stress reducer, for pre-examination stress!

In fact, some parents are worried if yoga can really help to reduce Pre-examination Stress and also worried if the students would be distracted by practicing yoga hence affecting the result. If the parents have low awareness about yoga, they definitely would be worried.

However, its been scientifically proven that Yoga does help to reduce stress. A long time ago, the medical researchers have discovered that yoga helps to regulate the heartbeat. From yoga practice, every single breath could activate the sympathetic nervous system. During the yoga practice, each inhalation will activate Sympathetic nervous system, increasing heart rate and each exhalation will activate Parasympathetic nervous system that helps to reduce heart rate. 

The European clinical research journal stated: The experimental comparison with yoga and gymnastic practitioners, those who have been practicing Hatha Yoga for 6 weeks, their Parasympathetic nervous system is significantly activated. Comparing with the gymnastic group, there is no difference in the heart rate whereas the yoga group has an obvious increase in the heart rate.

Besides, the Schleswig-Holstain University from Germany has published a research paper suggested that even if practicing yoga for one time, can help to balance our nervous system. With the right amount of yoga practice, it will help to reduce stress and correcting postures, it will also help to increase self-confidence. 

“Yoga for Pre-Examination Stress” is worth the try and to be promoted in school. Because the high school youth are in the transitional phrase of transformation and is prone to anxiety, plus the stress of facing entrance examination, the burden, and physical and mental health is a challenge for the youth. 
In fact, not only the high school, including university students are facing stress from different aspects, If one couldn't find a way to release stress, yoga is a very good choice. 

Yoga is a physical and mental practice. Once the students are tired or having bad emotional stress, one can use simply yoga breathing practice to release stress easily. If feeling anxiety before the examination, just spend a few minutes to practice yoga abdominal breathing (can even do it while standing)

How to do it: close your eyes, focus on your breath. Place your hand on the stomach, deep inhalation till you feel that your stomach is expanding, if you are doing it right, you could feel your hand is move due to the expansion of your stomach. Exhale slowly and contract your stomach slowly. Repeat this a few times. Or you can even try out below 6 simple yoga postures to help you release your stress. 

1. Variation of Hero Pose

  • Kneel on the mat with legs slightly open, slightly wider than the hip width
  • Please a yoga pillow in between your legs, inhale and lengthen your spine  
  • Exhale lean your body forward and downward, lay on the pillow
  • Place your cheek on the pillow and hug the pillow 
  • Stay here for 1-2 minutes

2. Spinal twice 

  • Lie on your side, bend both knees. Place your upper body on the pillow
  • Place your cheek on the pillow and hug the pillow 
  • Stay here for 1-2 minutes

3. Easy pose 

  • Sit on your mat with leg crossed into easy pose. Place a chair in front of you
  • Inhale lengthen your spine, gently place your hands on the chair
  • Place your forehead on the chair and stay for 1-2 minutes

4. Legs up the wall pose

  • Place your legs on the wall while keep your buttock close to the edge of the wall. Lie down facing up on the mat
  • Place a yoga brick below the back area; both hands rest on the floor, shoulder level.
  • Close your eyes and remain in this pose for 1-2 minutes

5. Bridge pose variation

  • Lie on your back; bend both knees and legs close to the buttock
  • Exhale and life the hip up, place a pillow under the buttock
  • Slowly extend your legs and place your hands on the side of the body
  • Stay here for 1-2 minutes

6. Corpse pose

  • Lie on your mat facing up; stretch your leg hip width wide
  • Place yoga bricks behind your knees and place a towel behind your neck
  • Place your hands besides your hips and stay there for 5-10 minutes

Last but not least, wishing every student success in their examination.
Yoga is the best tool for reducing stress, once you practice you will know it.