The Power of Yoga for Kids

What is the suitable age for kids to learn yoga and what kind of yoga is suitable for kids ?

At what age should children learn yoga, and what types of yoga should they practice?

In this article, Sadhguru answers these frequently asked questions and discusses the benefits of yoga for kids. He also stresses the importance of yoga for children in today’s world and the urgent need to introduce them to the right things that work from within.
Isha Yoga for Children offers a unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of their natural potential. Isha Yoga celebrates the natural gifts within every child, including wonder and a sense of oneness with life. The program introduces simple yoga for children, led through an exploration of fun, love and joy, allowing each child to develop and live in optimal health and inner peace. It is offered by Isha Foundation teachers, trained under the guidance of Sadhguru.

Isha Yoga Summer Program for Children is a fun-filled, four-and-a-half day residential summer camp for boys and girls in the age group 9-15 years. The program instills the love of nature and the power of yogic practices in growing children.
Isha Upa Yoga, 5-minute practices, can be practiced by children 4 years and above except for Yoga Namaskar which can be practiced by children above 7 years.

Nada Yoga or the yoga of using sounds is wonderful way for children to start yoga. Sadhguru says, “Nada yoga is the simplest and subtlest way for a child to begin. It will lead to wellbeing and the proper development of body and mind. There are also practices like Yoga Namaskar, which can be learnt even at seven years of age. There are also Upa-Yoga techniques, which both children and adults will find useful….When they start seeing the benefits of these, when they see that this can set them apart in a group of people in terms of capability, they will naturally pursue higher forms of yoga. As they grow up, their yoga should also grow.”
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Editor’s note :
Children's body and mind is still on the growing stage, it is not all types of yoga are suitable for children to practice. Therefore, the right yoga at the right age is very important, allowing the children to build foundation at the early stage, essentials for the growth of  body and mind of the kids 

Below are 3 types of yoga for different age group. Teaching children by learning from a video at home is easy. The true yoga enable you to incharge of your life, allowing the children to spend sometimes in practicing yoga, this will change their life:

1. 5 Minutes Yoga

Regardless if you are looking for good health, happiness, peacefulness or love, or if you are pursuing success or exploring within. 
The 5 minutes yoga program is designed to help you leaping over your struggle and walking throughout your life at ease. 

5 minutes yoga is based on Upa yoga science, consist of asana yoga ( hand postures), success yoga ( neck exercise ), happy yoga (namaskar yoga ), peace yoga (nadi cleansing ), blissful yoga (nada yoga or sound yoga) , self exploration (Shambavi mudra) , love yoga (namaskar practice) . happy yoga (namaskar yoga) is suitable for children 7 years and above. The rest are suitable for children from age 4 and above
2. Isha Kriya
Isha Kriya is to help individual connect with being, creating a life that one wished for,it is a a powerful practice, it can touch and transform your life. Children at 12 and above is suitable to practice Isha Kriya
3. Isha hatha yoga
Isha hatha yoga is the most authentic and basic form of yoga. An amazing  science of energy. Isha Hatha yoga consist of Surya Kriya, Angamardan, Yogasana,Bhuta Shuddhi, suitable for age 14 and above