Do you really know how to chant “OM”?


Why do we chant “OM”?

Chanting “Om” is not religious. When we chant “OM”, our body and the surrounding will vibrate. The vibration from “OM” calms our mind. Chanting “OM” right before the yoga class is to help “tune” our mind’s frequencies. Allowing the fluctuation of the mind to calm down, when everyone in the class reaches the same frequency, then we start the class.

True story:

In a video Daniel and his baby who is a little more than one month old. When the baby starts crying, he would chant “OM”. When baby hears the “OM”, he is slowly gets calmer and calmer. We could even feel that baby is being appeased.

How to Chant?

OM can be divided into 4 parts: A- U - M
“ A ” sounds like “Ah”
“A” representing the creation of the universe and substances in the universe. Usually “A” is the starting of the sound, just like the Alphabet, A is always the first one. In Sanskrit, “ A” is always the sound that connects us with the universe. Through the chanting of “A”, one can feel the presence of the body. When we chant “A” pay attention to the sound through the throat and the back of the lips. The tongue is still and the lower abdominal should feel the resonation of the sound and the vibration from the sound.

2. “ U “ sounds like“Ooh”

“U” in Sanskrit represents the centralized of universal energy and the light impression of the mind, which makes us feel the inner sense is strong and allows us to realize it is not weak, its much stronger than we can imagine. When we chant “U”, there is lightness, purity balance and kindness going into our heart and soul when we are chanting “U”, the sound is flowing out from the lips and tongue. Our chest will be resonating with the frequency.

3. “ M ” sounds like “Mmm”

“M” Represents the energy from the universe that is aligned with your mind and religion. It allows you to realize the uniqueness of yourself, encourage you to slow down your pace and to feel you are one with nature. When Chanting “M”, close your lips and feel the vibration on the crown of your head.

4. The Sound of silence

At the end of the chant, the remaining vibration is the sound of silence. We will experience inner peace at this stage.