7 yoga poses for scoliosis

Scoliosis will affect the body from the inside out. From the outside you can see uneven shoulder, one shoulder is higher than the other one. Uneven hip, and one leg is longer than the other leg. Basically the left and the right side of the body is uneven
From the inside, it will affect the Cardiopulmonary system and the Cardiovascular system etc..

The main reason of scoliosis is the poor postures one adapt on a daily basis. For example, sloughing side way while sitting on the sofa. Due to the uneven muscles externally, it leads to the abnormality of the way our spine curves. How should we improve on the scoliosis ?

No 1 : Be aware of the curvage of the spine, avoid activities that advances the curve side of the spine
No 2: The power of breathing. Usually our breath are shallow. Pay attention to the deep breathing. When inhalation, the side, front and back of the rib cage shall be  expended. 
No 3: Strengthen the back muscles and lengthening the spine, like “downward facing down”pose is for lengthening the spine and strengthening the back 
Here are some practices recommended to ease Scoliosis
1. Extended Puppy Pose
Place the knees on the floor, hip width and press the toes on the floor
Keep the hip back and up and extend the hands to the front
Extend the spine forward on each inhalation and extend the tailbone backward on each exhalation
Keep this pose for 10 breath.
2. Triangle Pose
Extend the legs to the side, with the length of one leg, tilt the right foot forward and left foot tilt toward the right foot
Straighten the right leg and step on the yoga block
Extend the left hand towards to the sky and place the right hand on the right shin
Gaze up and keep the spine long.
3. Locust Pose variation 
Lie facing down, extend both hands and legs
Inhale, lift the right leg and left hand then extend to the side
Gaze at the front and feeling the energy on the back
Hold here for 10 breaths then switch side. 
4. Lying side way on the pillow
Lie down on your side on a pillow, extend the hands above your head
Bend both knees and stags on top of each other
Stay in this pose for 1 minute, repeat this on the other side.
5. Spinal twist on the chair
Sit on the side of the chair while both hands holding onto the back of the chair
With the help of your hands, push and twist to the left, gazing on the left 
Stay in this pose for 10 breaths then switch side
6. Lie on the pillow
Lying down with face up, on the pillow. The placing of the pillow should be on the middle back.
Keep both legs together and extend the hands over your head
Stay here for 1 minute 
7.  Supine leg raise
Lye down with face up, rope a  yoga belt on your right foot
Raise up the right foot with the help of your right hand holding on the yoga belt
Extend the left hand on the side, parallel with your left shoulder. Stay in this pose for 10 breaths then switch side.

Simple practice will bring changes to the body. Yoga is about change.