Understanding human energy force - The Seven Chakras


The seven chakras was originated from India. It is the 7 main energy centers in human nerve system, or the meridian pathways in Chinese medicine study. The knowledge of 7 chakras is spread to Tibet and adopted by the Tibetan Buddhist. The 3 subtle channels ( Nadis ) and the 7 Chakras was then spread to the western world through the practice of yoga. And is always part of the spiritual teaching. However the interpretation of chakras are different.

From bottom to top, they are :

  • Root Chakra (Mooladadhara Chakra)
  • Sacral Chakra ( Svadhistana Chakra)
  • Navel Chakra ( Manipura Chakra )
  • Heart Chakra ( Anahatha Chakra)
  • Throat Chakra ( Vishuddi Chakra)
  • Third Eye Chakra ( Ajna Chakra )
  • Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara Chakra )

Chakra means the wheel, the center of vital life force. Located on the human spine. 

1. Root Chakra 

Root Chakra is also known as Mooladhara Chakra in sanskrit. Means the root, base and support. The symbol has 4 petals and is in coral red color. As a base of the whole vital life force system ( prana ), located at the base of the spine / perineum cervix

In the physical body, it is same as the pelvic plexus. Taking care of our Excretory system

If this chakra is weak, we will have sickness related to these organs. If this chakra is out of balance, one may have problem with colon, prostate , lower back, legs problem or feeling insecure about financial status, fears or nightmare. 

Location : perineum cervix

Color : Red

Gorven : survival, security, stability

Glands : reproductive gland, adrenal gland

Crystal :  Smoky Quartz, Red Garnet, Hematite, Red Jasper, Ruby and Black Onyx.

Balance : good health, vitality, feeling secure, sense of trust, if this chakra is out of balance, one will feel fearful, insecure, anxiety financial difficulty, underweight

Healing strategy ( survival, security ) : removing of fear, stay present, work hard


2. Sacral Chakra ( Svadhisthana Chakra )

Sacral Chakra or  Svadhisthana Chakra is located at the coccyx or lower abdomen. The symbol has 6 petals and is in yellow color. Sacral Chakra is same as Aortic Plexus in our physical body. It incharge of our spleen, kidneys, gall bladder, bowels, ovaries, prostate. Is the beginning of the right meridian path (Pingala nadi ). If a person is overactive, over thinking and planning, this chakra and the Pingala nadi will be heated up which will over work the chakra and it will becoming weak. Hence it won’t be able to take care of the related organs. Diseases like leukemia will follow. 

Location : Coccyx

Color : Orange

Gorvens :  Sexuality and creativity

Glands : Testes, Ovaries

Crystal : Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite,Tiger’s Eye.

When this chakra is balanced or activated, one will be compassionate, self-confidence increased. If it is out of balance, one will be dependent, needy, suffering from sexual dysfunctions

Healing strategy ( emotion and sexual desire ) : Remove guilt, emotional release, healthy pleasure 


3. Navel Chakra ( Manipura Chakra )

Navel Chakra in sanskrit is Manipura Chakra, located at the navel. The symbol is yellow in color and has 10 petals.

In human physical body, it is located at the Solar Plexus. Taking care of our digestive system and will power. If the chakra is weak, one will feel powerless in their own life, prone to illness and negativity.

Location : Navel or Solar Plexus 

Color : Yellow

Governs : Will power, self awareness

Glands : Adrenal, pancreas

Crystal : Citrine, Yellow Jade, Rutilated Quartz,Pyrite, Golden Calcite, & Golden Topaz

Balanced : Confidence, self acceptance, reliable. If the chakra is out of balance, one will have weak will power, lethargic , low energy and lack of self-confidence

Healing strategy ( will power, decision making ) : Risk taking,stress control , deep relaxation, containment .


4. Heart Chakra ( Anahatha Chakra )

Heart Chakra located in the middle of the chest where our heart is, green in color with 12 petals. In the physical body is at the Cardiac Plexus, taking care of our heart and respiratory system. When we were kids, our immune system is built inside the rib cage, helping us to fight the viruses, bacterias and diseases. If we did not get the proper care from our mothers, this part of the ability would not be strong and complete. Hence when we get older, we would becoming coward, afraid of darkness, afraid of wrongdoing and always worried about people are going to hurt us.  The left side of the heart is blocked, that leads to numbness, pinching pain, feeling hot and heavy on the left pinky finger .

Location : Heart

Color : Green

Gorvens : Love and relationships

Glands : Thymus 

Crystal : Rose quartz, Emerald, Aventurine, Rhodonite

When Heart Chakra is activated, we have a lot of love to give, unconditional loves, empathic Otherwise, one will have trust issue, antisocial, cold, shy, withdrawn

Healing strategy ( love and loved, kind, friendly and empathic) :  remove sadness, foster harmony relationships, be empathy towards human, animals and plants, healing wound 


5. Throat Chakra ( Vishuddhi Chakra )

Throat Chakra is located at the pit of the throat, blue in color with 16 petals. It in charge of our Cervical Plexus and Thyroid.

Is the energy center is the hub of nerves, nerves from the palms are first connected at this region, then connect to the brain. Hence it has an important connection with our senses. If this chakra is blocked, even is one attained self realization, he couldn't sense breezes, on another hand, if this chakra is opened, he can sense everything with his hands, even the force of life.

Location :Throat

Color : Blue

Gorvens : Expression, self- expression

Glands : Thyroid , Parathyroid gland

Crystal : Turquoise, Sapphire, Blue quartz, Blue lace agate

Related to communication, when is activated, one will have good communication skill, value spiritual growth. When it is blocked, one will not be able to express, dictative and cares about what others would have said to him. May have Thyroid issue.

Healing Strategy ( the right to speak the truth and listen, self-expression, communication ) : Speak the truth, learn communication skill, singling and storytelling


6. 3rd Eye Chakra ( Ajna  Chakra )

This is commonly known as 3rd Eye Chakra, located in the middle of the brain. Color is Indigo with 2 patles. In charge of our Pineal Gland.

This energy center has narrow channels. The two nadis crossed path here. When this chakra is opened, one’s mind is very clear, less thoughts, the void between thoughts are expanded. If we pay attention at this void moment, we will achieved realization and worries free. One will experience inner peace and comfort, the exploration of the universe begins.

Location  : Pineal gland

Color : Indigo

Gorvens : Intuition and wisdom 

Gland : Pineal 

Crystal :  Amethyst, Azurite, Fluorite, Lepidolite

The 6th Chakra shadowed at the eye brows center. Indigo in color and commonly known as 3rd Eye. Related to receiving imaging, value and faith. When this chakra is balanced, one is intuitive,  able to lead and think properly, clear and strong decision making skill.  If this chakra is out of balanced, one is easily deceived, insensitive, denial, lack of imagination or prone to  migraine 

Healing Strategy ( Observation, Intuition, Wisdom and visualization) : Visual stimulation, meditation, coloring and drawing, hypnosis


7. Crown Chakra ( Sahasrara Chakra )

This energy center located on the top of the head. The symbol is a thousand patles in purple. Also the point where all 3 subtle channels (nadis) are met. When the life force ( prana ) ascending and reached the top of your head, you are Enlightened or attained self-realization.

The Sahasrara in charge of the limbic area’s a thousand fold/nerves. The ancient people used a thousand lotus patles to represent this chakra. Common people are usually don't use the thousands nerves. When one is enlightened, these thousand nerves will be activated. At this time, this person will have super sensory, the central nervous system could sense things that he never sensed before.

Healing Strategy ( unlimited senses, one with the universe )  : the highest consciousness, from the forehead head’s hair line, 4 fingers distance backward is where the crown chakra is. Also where the pulse of an infant’s head is. According to Taoism, the “gate” was innate, the infant can’t speak but full of facial expression. Because infant is at the metaphysics stage. When the “gate” is closed, an infant starting to talk and is entering in to the “conditioned” stage. 

This chakra also known as bliss chakra. When one meditate while the chakra is not opened, one will feel numbness in the legs however once this chakra is activated, one is full of energy and in constant bliss.