11 signs that you should start yoga

11 signs of your body and mind that you should start practising yoga.

Your soul is attached to your body. In this complicated life, you have to attain solitude, peacefully reserved yet gracefully settled.

All yoga practitioners know the fact that yoga is meant for physical health, more so for the soul and mind. A healthier, happier, stronger and liberation is definitely the reason for yoga

However, no matter how much you know about the benefits of practising yoga, sometimes you still tend to slack or either not improving or even gave up the practice. Need the motivation to practice? It's time to reflect!

Below are the 11 signs of your body and mind telling you it is time to pick up that yoga mat:

1. Anxiety

You are exhausted, somehow couldn't sit still, worries are attached to you and you can’t relax. The relaxation techniques in yoga help you to be aware of stress and how to release it.

2. Insomnia

Too many thoughts in the mind keep you awake. Meditation in yoga enables you to take a break from the never-ending, negative and purposeless thoughts.

3. Poor posture

Most of us spent a long period of time sitting in front of the computer. When our spines aren't in the upright position, neck and back pain will occur.

Yoga postures give us strength and flexibility and help correct our poor postures. Yoga makes us aware of our body; when we realized we are not in the right posture, our reflexes will correct it automatically.

4. Poor decision-making skill

You still have a hard time deciding even though it is a small issue. People around you dislike this character of yours and this made you feel less confident in your decision making.

Yoga stresses on embracing pure thoughts and a clear goal. It trains your mind to be clear as to what you want in life and increases your self-confidence.

5. Unable to control your emotion

You realized you are magnifying the small issues, made a decision on the wrong timing, screaming and crying, having a hard time controlling your emotion. This is because you are lack of the inner peace

Practising yoga helps you to cool down and relax, being in harmony with the people around you. Remember, some things are impermanent.

6. Body stiffness

When we got up in the morning, our body can be so stiff, even bending, twisting or reaching out to grab a glass will trigger pain!

The older we get, the more important it is to keep our body flexible. Yoga postures help to stretch our muscles, enabling us to be more flexible and graceful in our daily movement.

7. Unable to focus

If you can't focus on one thing, completing all tasks may be almost impossible. Some of the tasks take up to 3 repetitions to get it done!

Yoga trains concentration, from standing on one leg to synchronizing with conscious breathing, there is no chance for you to have other thoughts while doing it, hence the concentration is slowly being trained.

8. Difficulty in breathing

You may notice your breathing are depthless or you even forgot to breathe sometimes.

Yoga helps you to focus on your breathing, training you to breathe continuously. Human’s lungs are like a balloon - the more air they receive, the more they can expand. Thus, it helps to increase your lung capacity so that you can breathe deeper and naturally, this would calm your mind.

9. Anti-social

Sometimes, we tend to be anti-social as we are afraid of ruining our “perfect image” to others. However, yoga teaches us how to let go and embrace ourselves.

Practising yoga helps you to relax. Letting your guard down and increasing your self-confidence to feel more relaxed in public.

10. Bad habits

When you are in a bad mood, you would switch to binge eating or drown yourself in alcohol thinking that would help you to forget or reduce stress. Have you asked yourself if this is a good habit?

Yoga is a healthy way of living that keeps you in a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. Besides, what would be more important than your health, right?

11. Unable to express.

Even though you are unhappy, there are people out there trying to understand and communicate with you, however, you are not sharing because you are afraid of being judged.

Yoga is a practice of self-consciousness and reality. It helps you to get out of your comfort zone, embrace peacefulness and reality.

If you have the above symptoms, please do not ignore them. Take note of the needs and consider the right action. Remember: being healthy is not a choice anymore!