Care Instructions



The fine pores on the mat surface which allow quick-drying is also susceptible to stains and trapping oil such as skin's natural oil. To reduce this, avoid placing oily substances on the mat surface. Also ensure hands and feet are clean and free from oil before use.



After use, wipe the mat with a soft cloth to clean it. For a deeper clean, you may add a drop of soap to a bucket of water. Submerge a sponge and squeeze out excess water before wiping the mat. Once clean, lay it out to dry. Do not use tea tree oil or oily substances to clean it. Do not soak and avoid leaving liquids on the surface.



We do not add artificial perfume to mask the original scent of the yoga mats. Do not worry as this is the natural scent of the rubber and is completely safe for use and is environmentally friendly. The smell will disperse with time. If you find the odour to be too strong, kindly air it before use.



To store, roll your yoga mat with the logo side up. Do not fold nor place heavy objects on top to avoid creases and damage.



After use or cleaning, place in a shady ventilated area to air dry. Avoid direct sun exposure as this will damage the rubber.